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About Kristina


I grew up in the Greater Toronto Area. A pretty typical suburban lifestyle. I rode my bike around town with my friends, I drank from the garden hose, came home when the street lights came on, attended school, participated in extra curricula’s, played video games (only on rainy days), terrorized my younger sister… you know, typical childhood stuff. We were a typical “middle class” family, well, when the middle class still existed. 

Once I finished school (I was a nerdy art kid all through high school), I majored in Advertising at Durham College and I found my calling with graphic design and marketing. I graduated college with honours and had many jobs as a graphic artist after graduation. I worked on newspaper ads, magazine layouts, wedding stationary, band logos, event posters... you name it. 


Now, I reside in a small town in the middle of nowhere in British Columbia. Population of 1500 people, 2 hours away from any city. I have spent nearly 15 years traveling, experiencing, learning, adapting, and growing into the woman I am today… with still so much to learn and accomplish. (I’m 37, by the way). I'm a mom, a business owner, a graphic artist, Mother Nature lover, Beatles fanatic, Tattoo collector and Vinyl enthusiast! 

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